29 Palms Critter Sitter

1: Where will my dog sleep?

 That's completely up to your dog. As long as your dog gets along with other dogs it will roam my house as it would yours. I have a dog door that is connected to my bedroom so the dogs go in and out as they please. If for some reason your dog decides he/she wants to party all night and not go to bed at bedtime I will put he/she in a kennel. It doesn't happen often but it has happened. If your dog is super tiny I make he/she sleep in a kennel because I don't want it going outside at night when I'm sleeping for safety reasons. If your dog doesn't like other dogs then he/she will sleep in the living room and go out a different door into their own yard to use the bathroom. My backyard has 4 big yards that can turn into one huge yard if everyone gets along.

2: How many dogs do you watch at a time? 

I always have someones dog here. I normally have 3 or 5 dogs here at all times. If someone is leaving then someone is coming. It's a constant rotation. Sometimes the ones leaving get to play with the new ones that just got dropped off before they go home. 

3: Do you have any dogs? 

No,  I put my last Great Dane to sleep 6/2021. I told myself long ago that once my pack is gone I won't get anymore dogs. It will be hard since I've had dogs all my life but luckily I will still dog sit so I will still have dogs around.

4: Can you introduce my dog to the others while I'm there? 

No, for so many reason. Some dogs act differently when their owners are with them. They get jealous or feel the need to protect them. Some are already scared because they are at a new place so forcing a strange dog in their face is a bad idea. I don't force interactions like that. After the owners leave I walk the new dog to the backyard. The new dog gets to run the play yard alone. They normally spend a lot of time running around and smelling all the new smells. They get to meet whoever is here through the fence 1st. I watch their behavior and then decide when its time to let them enter the dog door yard.

5: Can we do a meet n greet? 

I don't do meet n greets for the same reason as above. I do not force interactions. As you will notice at drop off I do not stick my hand in a new dogs face nor do I force myself on them. The best way to greet a new dog is by not greeting the new dog. The new dog will come to me when he/she is ready.  Most do instantly,  some do shortly after the owner leaves. Sometimes it takes longer but it's 100% up to the new dog as to when we become friends. I meet everyone at drop off, including the owners. 

6. What do I need to bring with my dog? 

I only need food from home. Please be sure to put your dogs name on the food container. Please only bring food that is in a container or a bag that I can hang on the wall. Squirrels, prairie dogs and even rats sometimes get in the garage where I keep the dog food so all food needs to be in containers or hanging up.  I don't need bowls or leashes. Older dogs do like a bed or blanket from home. 

7. Do you watch dogs that don't get along with other dogs? 

I do, I watch a lot of dogs that don't like other dogs. My house/yard is set up to where I can easily keep them separated.

8. Does my dog stay outside the whole time? 

NO, I have 2 doggie doors so dogs can come in and out as they please. 

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