29 Palms Critter Sitter

55- I was fortunate enough to be referred to Tracy by Mindy Raines late 2017. We are extremely pleased with time and care that Tracy puts into her critter sitting. I highly recommend her home. I can leave and know our boys Oโ€™Malley and Oโ€™Doul are well taken care of while we are gone.

54- When we moved to 29 Palms I knew we would be traveling to VA to visit family, I am a helicopter dog mom and was so worried about my babies. Tracy was amazing at calming my nerves and taking the best care of my babies. When they came home from her house they would sleep for a week from playing so hard at her house. She even dealt with my cranky yorkie who is not dog friendly! (Jack & Ube)

53- I highly recommend Tracy for all your dog sitting needs. When we came to 29 Palms my German Shepard Dodger was 6 months old. My husband and I work long hours and we couldn't leave him home alone all that time. He would get nervous at kennels and dog walkers were too expensive for just a short amount of attention. We found Tracy and my dog loves going there, he excitedly runs to her front door at drop off. for any amazing price he gets to socialize with other dogs and she loves him like her own. I use Tracy's doggy daycare and overnight care all the time now without hesitating because I know he is well cared for!

52- Tracy is the best, she treats my dogs like her own! My dogs now know the routine and when we turn on her street they get so excited. My dogs are like my children so knowing they are safe and having fun makes my day a lot easier. I have referred a few friends and they have all become her regular clients also. (Gronk & Earl)

51- 29 Palms Critter Sitter is amazing! She is our go to. Our pups Dexter & Calico love going to visit and are always wiped out after we pick them up from all the play time. I recommend Critter Sitter because she has the best prices in town and there is no one else we would trust with our fur babies. We will be PCSing soon and I wish we could bring her to our next duty station.

50- Absolutely wonderful! We have left our handsome boy with the Critter Sitter many many times! I had to warn her that I was a crazy dog mom and was gonna check on Thor probably daily! ๐Ÿ™ˆ she was great and always always kept me posted and was sure to tell me what a great time was having! I love the fact that she posts photos to her facebook throughout the time he stays of him playing with all of his little friends :) extremely grateful to have the critter sitter here in 29! & you can't beat the price!

49- We used Critter sitters for our two dogs (st Bernard and Chow). They absolutely loved her! Our dogs were well cared for and her rates were amazing. She took pictures and sent them to us while we were away. Would definitely recommend! (Bear & Chewy)

48- How can I begin to describe how much I appreciate and thankful to have found such an amazing person to take care of my pups. When I was in desperate need because my dog sitter couldn't handle my husky that she had barely been watching for 5 hours and I was out of town. I contact Tracy and she was a life saver! I owe her so much. I have been utilizing her services for 2 years now and I do not trust anyone else beside her to watch over my babies. Critter sitters is the most amazing place for your critter and prices are so reasonable. I will never ever go to anyone else while I am in twentynine palms and every chance I get I recommend her service with no question to anyone in need of a pet sitter. I have nothing but rave's to say about her business and care for Critters. Thank you for everything you do Tracy โค (Keanu & Ichiro)

47- We have been SO thankful for the Critter Sitter since we moved to 29 Palms! We have picked Goose up from other kennels before and he was obviously anxious and still had pent up energy when he came home. Now, he comes home from the Critter Sitter tired and happy! She has always been flexible and reliable for us, whether it's a two week vacation or a last minute overnight need, and her prices are the best I've ever seen!

46- We have been sending our husky to critter sitter for over two years. Don't know what we would do without her! Simo loves going there and also gets lots of exercise and socializing in when she stays over. I have sent many friends and their pups her way! Very affordable and great service. She has also been flexible with us for short notice requests and Simo always comes back happy and healthy...and tired :) which for a young husky is hard to do! Thanks critter sitter for all you do!

45- She is wonderful. Gulliver was always super happy to arrive to her house when we lived in town. He was always well taken care of, comfortable and loved. We plan to drop him off when we go back to town to go hiking and he can have his own reunion!

44- A unique Review ๐Ÿ˜œ

I have never had my doggies with her....but I've been following her on her page for a couple of years now and I have to say I always look forward to seeing all the the happy animals that she cares for!!!! They seem so happy and cared for it warms my heart โค๏ธ Thank you for loving everyone's fur babies ๐Ÿ˜Š (Jenny boo boo the German Shepard, Tucker the furry Maltese and the peanut butter baby)

43- Amazing! The Critter Sitter is extremely accommodating and treats my fur-babies Autumn and Bella with the same love and compassion as I do. My pups love going to the Critter Sitter!

42- We use Critter Sitter whenever we go out of town and cannot bring our fur daughter with us. Charlotte gets so excited when we pull up to the house. Tracy is awesome. She takes care and spends time with all of the fur babes in her charge. I love her photos of our girl, especially the water action shots. Great prices and reliable, I highly recommend her to anyone.

41- Hands down the best place for your pups! I always pick up a happy, wore out dog from all the fun he has had. Not only is Critter Sitters reliable, I can drop Bernard off worry free because I know my dog is cared for and safe.

40- My girls love coming to critter sitter, it is their second home. Tracy takes great care of my girls Gretel and Mia even though they are a handful ๐Ÿ˜ She is also quick to respond and always willing to help. Her prices are very reasonable and her house and yard are always clean and tidy. Only place I feel comfortable taking my animals.

39- I have been there and used Critter Sitters services numerous times over the past 4 years. She is trust worthy and I feel safe leaving my dogs there. If I had to sum it up In short, " No one in a 100 mile radius can do a better job and the price is more than FAIR!"... keep up the good work!! (Diesel and Duchess)

38- I get nervous taking my Great Dane Duke to any dog sitter or kennel because I fear that his size will keep him for being properly cared for, even though he is a big old baby. That is never a problem with The Critter Sitter! She owns Great Danes! And even if she didn't I know I would feel comfortable taking him to her because he always has a blast there. He gets so excited when I take him! She is reliable and flexible and there is no one else I will take him to in all of Southern California!

37- We've used "Critter Sitter" since arriving to Twentynine Palms almost two years ago. From extended vacations to last minute emergencies she has always been there for us at the drop of a dime and taken great care of our overly active, anxiety ridden black lab mix Steeler! I recommend Tracy to everyone as she's always been our go to while stationed here!

36- I take my dogs Bandit & Daisy to Critter Sitters every time we leave town and they love It! I never have to worry when I'm gone because I know my dogs are having fun and they are well taken care of. Tracy is always quick to respond to my texts and she's been a big help whenever I've needed her. She's also very affordable!

35- We use critter sitters doggy day care for our high energy German Shepard puppy. As a military family working long hours, we are so happy he has a comfy home away from home with Tracy and friends to play with while we are at work!

34- We highly recommend Critter Sitters. We have referred many family and friends to take their dogs there. She runs a clean, responsible and healthy business. Our rambunctious boxer always is very excited to spend some fun time with the other dogs whether it's for a few hours, a day or more. Thank you for being here for us. We know our Lily is in good hands. Mike and Marli Peterson

33- I got another review which I think is awesome but some might not.

Thanks to the name I won't say for the giggle ๐Ÿ˜œ

"I'm so horrible at writing reviews.... saying she's fucking awesome sums it up, but I don't think that's appropriate for a business lol."

32- We used Critter Sitter while we lived in 29 Palms and she was more than amazing. My dog Kita had bad anxiety but she always loved going to her 'second home'. I recommend this business for your pets!! We miss her since we have moved to NC!!!

31- We used Critter Sitter about a year ago when we were moving from 29 Palms to Louisiana. We have two large dogs and they were so well taken care of when we had to drop them off for a few days. She was so good about staying in contact with us. She charges a very reasonable price as well! I highly recommend her. (Freckles and Chibs)

30- Critter Sitter is the absolute best place to take your fur babies! Tracy was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad she was! She takes extra great care of my dog, Louie. He's always so excited to go play at Critter Sitter. Also, Tracy always posts pictures of the pups playing which I always look forward to seeing! Hands down, this is the best place to take your pups. She's also extremely reasonable on her daily rates!

29- Tracy, at Critter Sitter is by far the best care taker we have ever used for our dog. She is very kind and accommodating. Alaha loves her and enjoys her time with her. We also appreciate the pictures she will post of the dogs so we can see her while we are gone, and it is clear our dog is always having a great time! Great service and affordable rates!

28- I have the worlds most skiddish dogs, but it only took one day at critters for them to become comfortable. Not only are they comfortable now, but they get so excited every time they get to go. As crazy as Harley Quinzel & Riley Faye are Tracy handles them great! They even come home with some better manners as well as being exhausted. Critters is the only place I'll ever take my girls because it's safe, flexible, & fun!

27- Tracy is the best pet sitter in the area! Not only has she been able to accommodate my four dogs numerous times, but they are always happy to head to her place! She's the only pet sitter in the area that I trust and I always recommend her when someone is in need. (Ruckus, Kida, Aurora, Hunny)

26- Outside of family, I have never left Lily with anyone except for Tracy at Critter Sitter. Lily loves going there. I have left her with Tracy for up to 10 days and know that she is part of the the Critter Sitter family wile I am away.

25- She is the best! When my Buddy was having issues maintaining weight, she ordered him a new food bowl to help him slow down eating. She let us take it home to keep. She even gave suggestions on better food for him to help him gain weight. She's always available when we need to go out of town (even last minute.) There's not enough good words to describe this woman. I'll just say she's amazing and takes wonderful care of all fur babies in her home!

24- My husband and I found our furbaby, Lola, just before he went on his first deployment. Lola was my only family (and friend really) in the area since I had just relocated. I was going to school over an hour away five days a week and I refused to crate train my baby so I desperately needed to find someone to watch her. I began my search on Care .com but the prices were outrages and I wasn't sure how I felt about a stranger coming into the house let alone trust that they could care properly for my girl. When I first stumbled upon Critter Sitters I fell in love with the passion for animals she displayed on her website...and then the price is unbeatable. Lola is ecstatic when we simply drive down Tracy's street (even if it's not daycare day!) and she is absolutely exhausted when I pick her up. I'm so grateful I've found a place such as Critter Sitters. I highly recommend Tracy if you're looking for a place to send your beloved four legged pal. I wouldn't leave Lola with anyone else!

23- Critter sitter is the best! We know Tank & Sammy are in good hands. They sense when we are going there and get so excited! They are so well cared for that we have no worries. So thankful we found Tracy.

22- ABSOLUTELY recommend critter sitters to anyone who is looking for an affordable and caring puppy daycare. I was hesitant placing my dogs in a kennel environment because Chuck recently had knee surgery and I was worried he'd hurt himself if he wasn't watched carefully and Lyla is my protector and takes a little bit warming up to others. I figured I'd get a text the first day they were there that they weren't allowed back but critter sitters knew exactly how to work with my babies and was able to give them a safe environment. Now my dogs go crazy when we get in the car and when I pick them up they're exhausted which of course is exactly what I want. Very flexible if you have to stay late or drop off early and takes the best pictures! My dogs are so happy and I couldn't imagine taking them elsewhere!

21- I don't know what we did before finding Critter Sitters! We can finally take trips without worrying about our boys. Brodie & Max love visiting, I barely get to say goodbye because they race to go play. Tracy is great with them, she's quick to respond to me, flexible, we get updates, and pictures of our happy pups. We are so lucky that we found Critter Sitters and can't say enough great things about what she provides! Peace of mind, great customer service and best of all Happy Pups all for a an affordable price. Thank you so much, you truly are wonderful!

20- Thank you so much for taking such a good care of my grandkid, Tomahawk. I'm so happy that he is under your care when my family is away. I visited your place and can attest to your wonderful care and the love and attention you give to the kids. I saw your site and was impressed. May God bless you and your wonderful heart.

19- Hands down, the best care that our dogs ever received, apart from us. Flexible hours, affordable prices, and exemplary customer service confirms that all walk-ins will inevitably become lifelong customers. Ps.. I'm sure my Lola and Bonnie miss you:)

18- Critter Sitters is truly amazing. With my husband being deployed and me working long hours as a nurse, I was in a predicament as to what I was going to do with Jax and Luna during the days that I work. Thankfully a friend recommended Critter Sitters! I know I can trust and feel comfortable leaving my kids with Critter Sitters. I can't say how thankful I am to have a dog daycare with affordable prices, flexible hours, and somewhere I know they are having fun and receiving love! I would truly recommend Critter Sitters to anyone and everyone, not to mention she takes beautiful pictures of your kids! BEST PLACE EVER.

17- We started looking around far in advance to find someone to watch our dogs while we went on vacation. I was told by a friend about Critter Sitter's. She has amazing prices and got back in touch with me quickly. My boxer/bulldog has been to doggy daycare a couple of times, the first time she was there I got to see a bunch of pictures of Maxie! You could tell she was having a blast, and when she came home she passed out. :) The second time she went it was like she knew where she was going as we drove up the driveway she was so excited! We are getting ready to go on vacation and I wouldn't trust anyone else to watch my dogs! I know when they go there they will be well taken care of and NOT stuck in a kennel all day! Thank you Critter Sitters for putting my mind at ease because I know our Fur Babies will be well taken care of while we are gone!! :D

16- Tracy and her family offer a convenient, affordable, and pet friendly solution to families in need of pet sitting. The environment is clean and enjoyable for animals of all kinds. Tracy and her family are kind, respectful, and a pleasure to do business with and know personally. We always fell confident that our animal family member is cared for as we would ourselves. We wish there was a critter sitter like this everywhere! Thank you Tracy! Warm Regards, Bradley, Krystal, Logan, Molly, and Max (The Dog) Switzer

15- I don't know about most but I know how I am as a Mother to son Bronx, that's my Boxer. He is special needs (100% deaf). Bronx has been a challenge to say the least. However when it came to training no one wanted to help, so we improvised with internet ideas (sign language) and our own level of communication. So with him having his disability, no one wanted to deal with him. Although he is the sweetest little boy I know. I'm doting as a proud Mother should.; ) But I had called several doggy daycares to see if anyone would just let him interact with their animals, and one by one they refused, because of his small difference. Until I called Ms. Tracy, she's the greatest. She loves my baby like I do. She has had him for doggy daycare several times and also an overnight stay. She didn't even mind scrambling his eggs for him either. Ms. Tracy has also given my baby a bath after one incident of dirt rolling with another dog, he was returned to me like brand new. She allows the dogs to play with one another which I know when Bronx comes home he is wore out. I would recommend Critter Sitter to anyone who truly cares about their pets. Critter Sitter provides a fun, social atmosphere for your pets to feel comfortable and safe. And the best part is, she doesn't get mad when you call every 10-15 minutes checking on your pet! Thanks so much for everything we'll see you soon! Love, Thresica, John, Bronx, and Bugsy!

14- Thank you so much for taking such good care of our "Frank the Tank". He had so much fun. I am still cracking up at the pictures. He can't wait to come over again. I think he misses Ouija. I am so glad I have found such a great place for our Frank to be when we are away. THANK YOU Critter Sitters:) The Robinson Family:)

13- If you need someone to take care of your pets while you're away I would highly recommend these critter sitters. You don't have to worry while you're gone, in fact there were times when I was willing to bet Ouija (my dog) was having more fun than I was (and I was in Vegas). They enjoy and love your pets as if they were their own and you really can't beat the price. There's no reason not to do business with these people. I'm glad my puppy got to have a good time while I was gone and don't worry... she'll be back for Xmas =) P.S. The photo with the little elf hat is hilarious. Maybe you can teach her to build some shoes to make up for the ones she keeps trying to eat. Thanks again.

12- There aren't enough nice words in the English dictionary to describe the incredible care and attention our baby Eevee gets at Critter Sitter. Tracy and her daughter have been THE BEST dog sitters we have ever had the pleasure of knowing and are true animal lovers. We can always rest assure that Eevee is in good hands with Tracy and are always happy and grateful to receive up-to-date text messages and picture messages of our little monster's adventures. Tracy really cares about the critters she sits and is always attentive and gentle; she takes time to get to know the animal, making sure that it is as comfortable and cared for as much as her own. Every single time that we have utilized Tracy's fantastic services, we've returned to a very happy and healthy puppy. The icing on the cake is the bath she gives Eevee before we pick her up (: It's our favorite part! I cannot say enough things about Critter Sitter and HIGHLY recommend Critter Sitter for those who truly love their precious best friends and care about where they stay when they cannot be with you. The rates are ridiculously affordable and you get more than you paid for--Critter Sitter is truly a blessing! From our family, we give Critter Sitter FOUR PAWS UP!

11- Critter Sitter is truly the best! I left my little Romeo with them for 4 days. It was my first time leaving him with anyone. So of course I was a little uneasy,but they made me feel comfortable leaving him. They kept me updated and didn't mind when I called to see how he was doing. The girls are very friendly. When he came home is was wore out, so I know he had a great time! I will continue to use their services.

10- THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING CARE OF DODGER AND DIXIE. They were so exhausted from all the fun they had at your house we found Dixie passed out under a load of laundry and Dodger in Dixie's bed! I really appreciate you caring for our dogs and making our weekend worry free.

9- Critter Sitter is great! =) Zeek is our baby so I always worry about him & how he reacts around people since he was an abused dog! Though I call fifty million times to check on him...I know he's in good hands & having fun! =D Definitely using them in the future!!

8- The critter sitter is awesome! we were a little nervous about leaving our dogs for 2 weeks but when we came back Adidas and Sherlock we happy and having a lot of fun. i love that she puts pictures up of the critters so you can see just how much fun they had. :)

7- Annie and Hailey have been to the Critter Sitter both for overnight stays and just for the day! I know they always have a good time while they are there! :) They come home so tired and ready to sleep! I can actually leave town feeling okay with them staying there. I use to be a nervous wreck, but now its okay and love seeing the pictures they always put up! I have told all my friends about the Critter Sitter and when they take their dogs they agree that the Critter Sitter is the best! : ) the girls will be staying there again for Christmas, it won't be their last stay though! Many more stays to come! Thank you all so much for always taking good care of Annie aka ball stalker and Hailey aka grandma :)

6- I highly recommend critter sitters if you need someone to take care of your pet while away from home. It is so much better than having them at a kennel. It is not only more affordable, but your dog will be having fun and getting lots of love and attention instead of being in a cage most of the day. My Chloe loves going. When we pull up to the house she gets super excited and in a hurry to go inside. Even though she only goes once a year, she remembers. So I know she has a blast. I also love seeing the pictures of my dog having fun while I'm away. I know I don't have anything to worry about with critter sitter!

5- My girls (dogs) Jacklyn & Bella love it there. I know this because they drag me into their house every time they go. That's twice a week we are so happy to have made the connection and have such a great dog sitter...

4- I highly recommend Critter Sitters for your pets vacation while you're away. My crazy dog Cali absolutely loves Tracy and would get super excited as we pulled up to her house. Not only are they great and very reasonably priced, they go over and beyond to help out when possible. I recommend them to anyone I know with an animal needing a sitter or just a place for their dog to burn off a little extra energy during the day.

3- I highly recommend Critter Sitters to anyone. My dog Theo is very shy and has a lot of fears. The owner, Tracy, was very good with him and I was relieved to have him in a safe, loving environment. The hours are perfect for my schedule. We really appreciate Tracy and her business!

2- Just wanted to give a shout out to Critter Sitter! We have a 2 yo German Shepherd and we're looking to find some better care for her as we go away quite frequently and hate to kennel her. We were so so happy to find Tracy and her business. Cada goes in happy and leaves happy every time we have her stay - which is SUCH a blessing. So thankful that Critter Sitter cares so well for our fur baby!

1- I was new to the area and when we adopted a dog I thought that no one would be able to care for him except my husband and I. That was until I found critter sitter. Oh my goodness. Smokey knows when he is going to see her and is so excited. We are so blessed to have found such a genuine person who cares for our dog the way we do. Super affordable and she works with you on times to pick up and drop off. I don't know what I would do without her!

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I have had to deal with a handful of rude entitled acting owners. I won't care for dogs with owners like that. Which is sad because it doesn't hurt anyone but the dogs because I guarantee they loved it at my house. Read my reviews and look at my pictures. Judge for yourself. That goes for any business, person etc. Always make a judgement about someone or some place off your own experience not off of words that came out of someones mouth or nowadays done on the internet because lets be honest there's always 2 sides to every story.

Oh how Miss Kita wanted whatever I was eating. R.I.P Sweet BEAUTIFUL girl ;)